Schenker offers better prices to Edge members. Through pick-up points, you can send and receive all packages up to 20 kg. Deliver your customer’s order to the nearest pick-up or service point. We share based on the shipment from 1,000 DB Schenker pick-up points to where your customer is located. 

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About Schenker

DB Schenker uses Neste MY renewable diesel, which has been manufactured in Finland of waste and residues. In the future, the greenhouse gas emissions of e-commerce deliveries will be up to 90% smaller than before.

Your shipment will arrive at our pick-up point in 1-3 business days and we will notify your customer when the shipment is ready to be picked up at the pick-up point. Your customers can pick up the shipment when it suits them the best. Our network of pick-up points is open from morning to night and is genuinely close by.