Through Edge, UPS® offers small and large e-retailers some of the market’s best export and import prices to and from virtually the entire world. As a paying member of Edge, you have access to very good prices on all UPS export and import services.

UPS offers

Create added value beyond price and give your customers more control over their online purchases. The consumer wants clarity, choice and convenience – from the first click to the final delivery and UPS helps you build a customer experience that promotes loyalty and repeat purchases.

  • Offer reliable delivery regardless of speed and give the customer the opportunity to choose: UPS offers everything from next day delivery to next week and always has a service that suits your customers’ needs.
  • Give the customer the choice to easily decide how they want the product delivered; to their home, pick up at a drop-off point, perhaps change delivery address or change delivery date. With UPS My Choice®, the customer is in control.
  • A simple return and exchange process makes customers more secure, which results in more satisfied customers, which can mean increased sales. UPS offers the market’s largest portfolio of return services.
  • Full visibility for both you and your customer, no matter where in the supply chain the package is located, with UPS tracking services.
  • With Collect on Delivery, the payment for your goods is included in the actual delivery process.
  • Whether you sell your goods within the EU or are considering expanding, UPS tools and experts can make international trade both easier to understand and easier to manage.

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About UPS

The story of UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, began more than a century ago with a $100 loan to jumpstart a tiny messenger service. How we evolved into a multi-billion-dollar global corporation reflects the history of modern transportation, international commerce, logistics and financial services. Today, UPS is customer first, people led, innovation driven. It’s powered by more than 495,000 employees connecting more than 220 nations and territories across roads, rails, air, and ocean. Tomorrow, UPS will continue to lead the industry and connect the world, with a commitment to quality service and environmental sustainability.